Super Car Hot Wheels

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Super Car Hot Wheels


With the Super Car Hot Wheels, he travels in space at a later time! An amazing driving experience awaits you around the amazing planet of infinite universe! Show your driving skills with 7 super cars on breathtaking race tracks! You earn money at the end of each level and with this money you can buy a new car or strengthen your car. Pass the challenging track, overcome obstacles and complete the route by reaching the end point. Get stars and earn money based on when you get it. The faster you are, the more money you earn, and don't forget to collect the coins on the way. You can strengthen your car in the Garage section.

Be sure to try the "Free Ride" mode to freely roam and drift! In this free space, you can break speed records and superfit with super cars.
Super Car Hot Wheels can be played by 1 player in both Racing and Free Ride modes.


Move: "ARROW KEYS" - "W, A, S, D"
Nitro: "N"
Camera: "C"
Look Back: "B"

Respawn: "R"