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GAME INFO: is a popular .io snake game. In a huge multiplayer arena, you must grow your snake by consuming multi-colored orbs. Avoid other snakes to avoid being snake food or take down other players by forcing them to hit your side.

How to Play Slither?
Do you like cute snakes? It's okay if you don't, because these snakes pose no threat to you. Players controlling the snakes. They will try to get you. Enjoy this change of classic snake genre with!

Like the classic game Snake that has been on mobile phones and computers for decades, you grow up eating small lumps. However, offers a multiplayer element that completely changes the playing field.

Eat and Grow
The glowing spheres are your key to nourishment. By eating them, you increase the size of the snake and gain more energy to strengthen it. The bigger the snake, the better your chances of catching other snakes

You start the game small, so don't try to get the big kids until they're stronger. Work on the eating and avoidance strategy until you are large enough for smaller snakes.

Increase Your Speed
Strengthening is an important feature, but it comes at the cost of your measure. This method can be used when racing against snakes, when you have a perfect spot close to the opponent's head, make a sudden cut to eliminate it. Use support wisely to make sure you get the maximum value for the cost.

Special Spheres
Besides the normal spheres commonly found around the map, there are two special spheres. When a cute snake dies, they drop all of their glowing pellets. The larger the fallen snake, the more abundant the harvest. Finding these orbs early can quickly grow your snake.

Other special orbs can be found occasionally swimming in the arena. These floating spheres will run away if you chase them, but they are worth more than the average spots around, so it might be worth your pursuit.

Catch Other Snakes
Once you have enough size, you can spin around smaller snakes like a normal snake, pinch them and tighten your grip. If your size becomes huge, you can even catch a lot of small snakes, which leads to their inevitable death and more feeding for you!

  • Worms Zone - the same game mechanics with a different feel, graphics and unique features.
  • 2 - a unique twist on a snake that involves expanding the area instead of growing a worm or a snake!
  • - classic snake game mechanics, but you play as a growing powerline.
  • Properties
  • Decorate your worm using one of 12 different skins
  • Raw, competitive gameplay with a variety of play styles
  • With millions of players worldwide, no shortage of matches
  • Colorful, neon graphics bring your snake to life
  • is available via a web browser, Android and iOS.

Mouse: Move your cursor to control your snake's direction. Click to go at full speed.
Keyboard: Snakes can also be controlled using the arrow keys:

UP Arrow to go at full speed
LEFT Arrow to turn left
RIGHT Arrow to turn right
It's best to switch to fullscreen mode when using the arrow keys to avoid unwanted scrolling using the button on the right under the game.


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