Playnec Car Stunt

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Playnec Car Stunt


Playnec Car Stunt is an amazing 3D car game with super graphics. It's a pleasure to use a dazzling technique with improved physics. Playnec Car Stunt also has 2 game modes. In CAREER MODE, you can race against the clock on 22 amazing racing maps or show off your skills in the huge FREE MOD zone. This extreme realistic stunt game is ready to play.

Playnec Car Stunt also has a vehicle development and modernization system. You have to buy cars first and then increase the engine power. The power of the vehicle is very important as you will race against time on racing karts. In total, the first 2 of the 11 vehicles are free and the next 5 vehicles must be purchased. You can earn money by racing in CAREER MODE, and with this money you can buy new cars or power up existing ones.

In the huge FREE MOD zone, you can bypass large buildings, drift through the streets, soar in the air, navigate mysterious airways and collect 52 keys located in different places. With these keys you can buy new cars. You must use the "key" to buy the last 4 cars. When the number of keys reaches a certain level, the car is opened for automatic use. There are many hidden paths in this vast area, and you need to take some time to find them. You can get to the roofs of houses by difficult air roads.

In career mode, each level will influence your flight using different environments, traps and obstacles ... Complete the map in time, using nitro wisely.


  • 11 wide selection of racing cars
  • -Dazzling speeds and jumps
  • Realistic driving physics
  • Car purchase and development system
  • Carrier and Free Mode
  • Open world exploration where you can perform many actions


  • Navigation: "ARROW KEYS" - "WASD"
  • Nitro: "N"
  • Change camera: "C"


Playnec Car Stunt is developed by Özgür Aydın, an indie developer from Turkey.


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