Fly Car Stunt 5

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2 Player Car 0

Fly Car Stunt 5


Fly Car Stunt 5 game is here with new cars and new track design. Get ready for an action-packed racing experience in the outer space. Compete against the clock with 11 futuristic vehicles and futuristic cities and 10 different courses. The first 2 vehicles are available for use in Fly Car Stunt 5. A new super vehicle will open when you complete the next levels. With these super vehicles, you can perform artistic movements in the air, but be careful don't fall off the track because it will waste you time! Use nitron when you want to speed up, but be careful because nitro is limited. You can race against time alone if you want, or you can race with your friend if you want. To play your friend "2 PLAYER" to continue with the option. Prove your friend who makes better use of futuristic flying cars!


Player 1 :


-Nitro: "N"

-Look Back: "B"

Player 2 :

-Move: "W, A, S, D"

-Nitro: "T"

-Look Back: "C"