Critical Strike Global Ops

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Multiplayer Shooting Strategy 0

Critical Strike Global Ops


Critical Strike: Global Ops is a first-person shooter game where you are a trained soldier with the mission to eliminate all enemies, kill them all and become the last man standing. When the game is over, the last soldier standing, that is, the trained soldier who eliminated all the opponents, is the first. There can only be 1 player alive when the war is over, so make sure to make all other online players smart along with military training.

Each game round can contain up to 15 online players, so fight strategically, watch your enemies well, make wise decisions, and use your arsenal wisely. Every opponent is trained and talented so make wars and fiery chaos from every angle. Be careful to be the first and sharpen your reflexes. You will earn money for every kill you spend on upgraded weapons to gain an advantage in battle. Good luck trained soldier!



- Play against up to 15 players
- Cool maps that are inspired by Counter-Strike
- Smooth gameplay
- Different character models

- WASD to move
- Left click to shoot
- B to enter buy menu
- T to chat
- Space bar to jump
- C to crouch
- 123 to switch weapons


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