City Bike Stunt

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2 Player Driving Stunt 0

City Bike Stunt


City Bike Stunt game time has come to show off your motorcycle skills! If you complete the race in 6 different times, you can unlock the powerful motorcycle. There are 7 motorcycles and 1 huge free riding area and there are "darts", "bowling", "soccer", "mountain roads", "huge ramp", "challenging track" in this free driving area. With your motorcycle, you can travel and have fun in this free riding area as you wish. Aim for each exciting level ramp as you try to reach the finish line and avoid obstacles. Do not forget to use the power of NITRO to pass long ramps! "2 PLAYERS" continue playing to your friend. Prove to your friend who is a better motorcycle master! Show your skills on the newly designed "Free Ride" map! There are many ramps and areas where you can demonstrate your skills. Surprises await you at some points. Come on discover them!


Player 1


Nitro: "N"

Camera: "C"

Player 2

Move: "W, A, S, D"

Nitro: "T"

Camera: "Q"

Level Restart: "R"